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Application for Food Factory Licence in Hong Kong

Updated: Mar 27

A Application for Food Factory Licence in Hong Kong | Bestar
Application for Food Factory Licence in Hong Kong | Bestar

Application for Food Factory Licence in Hong Kong

Getting a Food Factory Licence in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, if you plan to prepare or manufacture food for sale and consumption outside your factory, you'll need a Food Factory Licence. This guide will outline the application process.

Who Needs This Licence?

This licence applies to a variety of food prep and manufacturing businesses, including:

  • Bottling or canning food and drinks

  • Producing soy sauce, pickles, or other condiments

  • Preserving food (like dried meat or sausages)

  • Take-away shops or catering services

  • Roasting meat or poultry

  • Making confections or bean curd products

  • Manufacturing noodles or light refreshments

  • Processing food items (fish balls, meatballs, etc.)

  • Bottling distilled water

The Application Process

Here's a breakdown of the steps to get your Food Factory Licence:

  1. Application Forms:

  • You'll need to submit a standard application form (FEHB 94) along with a declaration stating your premises comply with government lease conditions (form FEHB 192).

  • Include three copies of a scaled metric layout plan of your factory.

  • These forms can be downloaded from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) website or obtained from their offices.

  1. Inspection and Additional Documents:

  • The Licensing Office will send an inspector to verify your premises.

  • After the initial inspection, they'll request additional documents, including:

  • Finalized layout plans

  • Completed form FEHB 191 (Form UBW-2)

  • Nomination forms for your Hygiene Manager/Supervisor

  • Supporting documents like certificates of compliance (Category 1 requirements), electrical and gas installation certificates, food supplier certificates, and final ventilation plans.

Further Resources

For more details and the latest information, refer to the FEHD's official guide: A Guide to Application for Food Factory Licence

How Bestar can Help

Application for Food Factory Licence in Hong Kong

While Bestar can assist with the application process for a Food Factory Licence, our expertise can be valuable in other aspects of starting your food factory. Here's how we might be able to help:

  • Understanding Business Registration: There might be additional business registration requirements beyond the licence. Bestar can help ensure you're registered as the proper business entity.

  • Navigating Food Safety Regulations: Food factories need to comply with specific regulations. Bestar is familiar with these regulations and can guide you towards resources or recommend consultants.

  • Financial Planning and Budgeting: Opening a food factory requires financial planning. Bestar can help with budgeting for equipment, rent, permits, and other startup costs.

  • Tax Compliance: Food factories have specific tax implications. Bestar can ensure you understand your tax obligations and help you file taxes accurately.

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping: Once your factory is operational, Bestar can manage your accounting and bookkeeping, allowing you to focus on running your business.

By handling these aspects, Bestar can free you up to focus on the other crucial tasks involved in getting your food factory up and running.

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