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Accounts Payable Processing Singapore

Updated: Mar 25

Accounts Payable Processing Singapore

Accounts payable (AP) processing is the essential business function that manages a company's payments to its suppliers and vendors. In Singapore, as elsewhere, efficient AP processing is crucial for maintaining good financial health and supplier relationships.

Here's a breakdown of typical AP processing in Singapore:

  • Receiving invoices: These can be received electronically or in physical form.

  • Verifying invoices: This involves checking the invoice for accuracy against purchase orders, receipts, and contractual agreements.

  • Approval workflow: Invoices are routed for approval by designated personnel based on pre-defined spending limits.

  • Payment execution: Once approved, payments are made to suppliers through various methods like direct bank transfers or checks.

  • Reconciliation: Bank statements are reconciled with AP records to ensure accuracy and identify any discrepancies.

Moving towards automation:

Traditionally, AP processing has been a manual and paper-intensive process. However, many companies in Singapore are adopting automation solutions to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and free up staff time for more strategic tasks.

Here are some popular Accounts Payable Automation solutions used in Singapore:

  • Cloud-based AP software: These platforms offer features like automated data capture, two-way or three-way invoice matching, and electronic approvals. Some popular options include NetSuite, Tipalti, and Esker.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems: Many ERP systems include integrated AP modules that streamline the process within a broader financial management framework.

Benefits of automation:

  • Increased efficiency: Automating repetitive tasks like data entry and invoice routing can significantly reduce processing times.

  • Improved accuracy: Automation can help eliminate errors caused by manual data entry.

  • Enhanced visibility: Real-time access to AP data allows for better cash flow management and informed decision-making.

  • Stronger supplier relationships: Faster and more predictable payments can improve relationships with vendors.

Choosing an AP automation solution:

The best AP automation solution for your company will depend on your specific needs and budget. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Company size and invoice volume

  • Existing accounting software

  • Desired level of automation

  • Integration capabilities

  • Budget

By carefully evaluating your requirements and researching available options, you can find an AP automation solution that helps you streamline your accounts payable process and achieve greater financial control.

How Bestar can Help

Bestar can help you with several aspects of AP processing in Singapore:

  • Streamlining invoice processing: Bestar can handle tasks like data entry, invoice verification, and filing, freeing up your staff for more strategic tasks.

  • Enhancing accuracy and reducing errors: Our accounting expertise can help ensure invoices are accurate and coded correctly.

  • Improving visibility and control over payables: Bestar can provide reports and insights into your accounts payable data, helping you manage your cash flow more effectively.

  • Expediting payments to suppliers: By streamlining the process, Bestar can help ensure timely payments to your suppliers.

Bestar offers automated AP solutions like cloud-based software.

Contact Bestar and inquire about our specific services related to Accounts Payable Processing. We offer automated solutions and integrations with AP software. Depending on your needs, you may also want to consider exploring cloud-based AP automation solutions alongside Bestar's services for a more comprehensive approach.


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