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Law Firm that Specializes in Tax Consulting in Israel

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Sagi & Co. is a law firm that specializes in tax consulting, including consulting in income tax law, international taxation, real estate taxation, and VAT, and is one of the leaders in its field in Israel. The firm is known for its expertise in the field of tax law in general and its proven ability to provide creative and unique solutions to its clients in particular.

Sagi Co. is characterized by a personal and approachable service to its customers and this with the belief that quality service requires an understanding of the customer's business and needs. To this end, the firm advocates joint work with CPAs, attorneys, tax advisors and client managers.

The firm's services include guidance, opinions and comprehensive support in the field of tax consulting, starting from the transaction planning stage, moving on to advice on the proper disclosure to the tax authorities and presentation in reports, and ending with obtaining arrangements and agreements with the tax authority, as well as conducting discussions with the tax authorities, including assessment discussions, obtaining and conducting court proceedings.

Our Address / Call Us

Sagi & Co.

Derech Menachem Begin 132

Azrieli Center 1 (The Round Tower) 36th floor

Tel Aviv 6701101


Tel: +077 6467030

Fax: +077 6467031

Guy CHen Attorney (CPA)



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