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M&A - Singapore Engineering Service Company for Sale

The Company supports the industries with services and support to ensure that its customers can achieve the right outcome in their projects. It provides engineering service and quality new and refurbished electrical equipment.

The Company is situated in Singapore and it does effectively support customers in South East Asia, Pacific Region, and Europe with quality equipment and services.

With its strategic positioning in the Asia region, it is able to support any customer within a four – eight-hour radius and also provide the best in-house technical expertise to support most industries such as Construction, Tunneling, Mining, and Marine Oil & Gas sectors.

It also has great products to support the above sections of the industries and at the best available quality.


Containerized & Compact Substations

Tunnel Lighting Systems

Backfill Grout Plants


Power Transformers

Electrical Cables

Medium Voltage Switchgear

Swift line System

Permanent & Temporary Substations

Own an office in an industrial building

Office staff - 7

Workers - 5

Revenue S$6.13m (2021), S$7.92m (2020)

Net profit after tax S$556,904 (2021), S$1.11 m (2020)

Pricing S$5.80m


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