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Malaysia Professional Services related to Accounting, Taxation, and More

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Our service

Fast, Reliable, Diligent

Opening a company in Malaysia

Start your business

You can choose any type of company in Malaysia and we will help you to register it.

Mergers and acquisitions


Our accountants provide you with consulting assistance for different types of business operations.

Company liquidation

Close your business

Find out the legal steps to closing a business and get help.

Obtain special permits and licenses

We go through the formalities

If you require authorization to carry out an activity, please contact our accountants for details.

Tax advice and planning

Financial matters

Do you need consulting services related to Malaysia taxation? Contact Bestar.

Accounting Firm in Malaysia

Our accounting firm in Malaysia provides accounting services to natural persons and companies. Every industry in Malaysia is governed by a specific set of rules and regulations that company representatives are expected to abide by. Our Malaysian accountants provide local advice to prevent any legal issues or help you resolve any disputes your company may be involved in. On the other hand, those interested in immigrating to Malaysia can seek advice from our experts. All relocation aspects can be managed by our immigration consultants in Malaysia.

Quick Facts

How can accountants in Malaysia help you start a business?

Our local consultants can draft the required documents, register for taxes, help you prepare your company's internal rules, and cooperate with relevant departments.

Services offered by our accountants in Malaysia

We provide consulting support for:

- business and tax registration,

- debt collection,

- trademark registration,

- contract and employment conflicts

Support licenses and permits

Accounting advice for commercial disputes

We cover issues related to business contracts, intellectual property, partnerships, employment and more.

Power of attorney

Our accountants in Malaysia can open companies, bank accounts or buy property on behalf of clients.

Accounting advice for mergers and acquisitions

Company liquidation

If the owners of the company sign a special resolution, the liquidation of the company begins.

Tax advice and planning

Wealth management

We offer exclusive programs for high net worth individuals.

We manage immigration issues

We can explain the conditions for joining the Malaysia My Second Home program.

Free case evaluation

Clients can visit our website for a quick assessment by our experts.

Reasons to choose our accounting firm in Malaysia

- professionalism,

- transparency,

- efficiency,

- accounting services at affordable prices

Our Malaysian accountants abide by the Code of Ethics and will formulate business strategies in the best interest of our clients. We provide professional services related to secretarial, accounting, taxation and more.

Our accountants from Bestar Malaysia can provide clients with accounting services related to the corporate and commercial aspects of their companies.

The following list summarizes the main types of consulting services that our accounting firm in Malaysia can provide you with:

Company formation services: from choosing a company type to drafting and filing company documents, our accountants can take care of your every need during the company formation process. Our services can be tailored to your specific needs, especially for foreign investors who cannot always be in the country. Businessmen who are interested in opening a company in other countries such as Hong Kong can get company formation services from our partners.

Tax planning: from basic consultation under the Income Tax Act or Sales and Services Tax Act to professional tax planning, our accountants provide adequate services for companies and individuals related to all tax issues.

Comprehensive assistance for foreign investors: our Malaysian accountants have extensive experience in working with foreign entrepreneurs and can discuss various questions or concerns you may have before deciding to open a company or undertake a business merger or acquisition. We provide complete advice on applicable foreign investment laws.


Company formation


Investors looking to start a business in Malaysia can rely on the services of our company formation accountants. We provide comprehensive assistance with company registration and obtaining business licenses.



Our corporate segment also provides services related to corporate mergers and acquisitions and the liquidation or dissolution of existing legal entities.

Corporate tax advice


Our tax accountants in Malaysia provide complete information on current tax laws, implementation of double taxation treaties and use of legal tax minimization methods (where applicable).

Incorporate a company in Malaysia

Entrepreneurs who want to open a company in Malaysia are advised to get professional assistance from our accountants in Malaysia who can simplify the process of registering a company here. He is very familiar with all legal procedures under Malaysian law. We can assist with the legal documents needed to start a business, verify their compliance with business law and help you register for VAT and social security. Entrepreneurs can also choose Labuan as a place to set up their company, as they can enjoy the multiple advantages of low taxes and setting up a company in this part of Malaysia.

Malaysian company mergers and acquisitions, supervised by our accountants in Malaysia

Corporate mergers and acquisitions are regulated processes that may occur through the purchase of shares in a business or takeover (voluntary, compulsory, etc.). Advisory assistance is preferable before the close of the business takeover.

In these cases, due diligence is important and one of our accountants can help analyze the legal implications of a business takeover or merger. We can assist at the pre-deal stage, providing a full due diligence service, as well as assistance with negotiations and agreement drafting.

Corporate tax advice from our accountants in Malaysia

Our Malaysian accountants from Bestar Malaysia can here provide you with information on the taxation system and rates applicable to both companies and individuals. Accountants in Malaysia can help you comply with the local tax regime applicable to foreign companies and can assist you in obtaining tax relief applicable to companies from countries that have signed double taxation treaties with Malaysia.

Malaysia company liquidation and winding up

Investors looking to liquidate a Malaysian company and then wind up the legal entity entirely should know that the process is governed by a set of rules. In order to legally close down a company doing business in the country, several steps need to be taken accordingly. Our accountants can help you in either of two situations in which a company can be liquidated: voluntarily, when the founders decide to liquidate, or when the liquidation is subject to a court order.

We invite you to watch a short video about the main accounting services provided by Bestar Malaysia:

[ ]

For more details on accounting services available in Malaysia or other countries such as Hong Kong, please contact our Malaysian accounting firm. Talk to us about company formation in Malaysia, if you want to know more about this topic.

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Our accountants in Malaysia advise local and international clients who need to set up companies in Malaysia and assist them in obtaining special permits and licenses in the country.


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