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Offshore Company

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Global Offshore Company Incorporation Services

Bestar manages its clients' compliance processes efficiently and effectively to help them meet their compliance obligations wherever they choose to do business.

Unprecedented rapid economic change and changing regulatory priorities are forcing companies to rethink the way they do business. Faced with resource constraints, tax and finance departments should focus on higher value activities, such as strategic tax planning, risk management and ways to better integrate the tax function with other businesses to deliver more value. However, many often spend a disproportionate amount of time on compliance activities. To better manage/use resources, companies should look closely at how to better manage their compliance obligations on a global or regional scale to focus resources on more value-added aspects of their business.

How we can help

We can help you manage your compliance process more efficiently. Our practice leverages Bestar's global experience to provide a range of efficient and effective outsourcing tax and other statutory compliance services to assist clients in meeting their compliance obligations.

Our dedicated team of experienced country leaders and managers can share information on compliance best practices and provide timely, effective and value-added services that enable companies to meet their global or regional compliance obligations.

We help companies going offshore and wanting to centrally manage or monitor the status of their regional or global compliance obligations. Bestar provides companies with the leverage to better manage tax risk.

Our services include:

- Company secretarial services

- Accounting services

- Payroll services

- indirect tax returns

- Withholding tax statement

- Corporate income tax return

- Tax accounting services (SFRS, IFRS and US GAAP).

Bestar provides customers worldwide with a single platform to access the company's global compliance information. This helps to better understand and improve the company's efficiency in meeting global/regional filing obligations, collecting and reporting information, and helps free up resources effectively and reduce costs.

Connect with us

We'll advise you in setting up a new company in offshore jurisdictions, and working to achieve compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.



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