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Payroll and Human Resources Services

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Bestar provides payroll and human resource services that help improve the efficiency of complex and time-consuming traditional tasks for global businesses. Our professionals can help you streamline global payroll operations and reduce compliance risk to support your payroll needs.

Outsourcing of HR administration can help businesses control costs, reduce administrative burdens and keep information confidential.

We provide managed payroll services for companies ranging from small start-ups to large multinational companies, regardless of industry or location. Careful consideration and execution of global compliance and reporting requirements is essential as you expand into new markets.

With dedicated payroll contacts around the world and in every country, Bestar offers global payroll solutions that provide a single platform that can be scaled as your business needs grow.

Drawing on an ever-expanding range of technology tools, Bestar can help you cover the essentials:

- Provide accurate and timely pay for your employees wherever in the world they work

- Reliable compliance and reduced risk for the organization

Main benefits

Bestar handles client payrolls as a managed service, from data collection, preparation and source-to-gross income to statutory reporting and payment preparation.

- Gain the flexibility and agility to enter new markets while reducing the fixed cost structure

- Simplify your payroll program in a unified global operation

- Improve employee user experience

Our services

Payroll management

- Customize and set up the payroll system according to business needs

- Calculate withholding tax and other deductions for employees

- Process payroll statements

- Calculate and accrue legal benefits

- Manage salary journal entries

- Manage the distribution of payroll funds

- Generate compliance and business reports

- Prepare income and withholding certificates

Payroll system support

- Maintain and update system tables

- Develop and analyze queries and reports

- Provide technical assistance and support to users of the payroll system

Compensation and benefits management

- Manage incentive/benefit programs and policies

- Provide support to clarify and explain the set benefits and procedures

- Coordinate, control and manage benefit providers

- Meets local taxes and legal requirements and any specifications imposed by the business

Human Resource workforce support

- Offer administrative support for recruitment, contracting and maintenance of employee profiles

- Provide a support desk to answer employee queries and issue employment certificates

- Integrate HR data and generate customized management reports

- Configure and develop a HR solution portal with administrative and technical support

- Time management including working time management and control of employee hour bank

Labor compliance

- Review of labor and social security procedures

- Monitor ongoing outsourced services

- Due diligence in labor liabilities

- Verify the background of current employees and new hires

- Audit of payroll system, performance targets, benefit agreements and code of conduct

Training support

- Develop and conduct training seminars on payroll processes and procedures

- Establish and maintain payroll system reference materials

HR reporting

- Standard reporting to customers and authorities. Includes year-end tax returns, budgets and forecasts

Travel and entertainment compliance and reporting:

Process and report client employee expense claims to ensure compliance with personal income tax reporting

Absence leave management

- Management of sick, vacation and maternity leave

Main features

Global consistency

A global platform that relies on methodologies provided by Bestar’s highly integrated team of professionals and eliminates the need for multiple vendors or vendor aggregators.

Connected services

Our holistic approach links payroll to mobility, staff advice, finance, tax and law.

Smart automation

Bestar supports automated connectivity to all major HR and financial systems. We leverage Bestar’s leading technology capabilities to provide a holistic view of the workforce, operations and payroll processes.

How Bestar provides services

With over 10 years of in-depth regulatory experience, industry-leading payroll services, payroll compliance professionals and valued global payroll clients, we support companies of all sizes to successfully manage their entire salary population, including the most complex salaries tax and mobility cases.

If you would like to learn more about how Bestar can help, please contact us.


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