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Process Agent

Process Agent

A process agent is a company or individual appointed to receive legal documents on your behalf in a specific jurisdiction. This is particularly useful if you're a foreign company operating in Singapore, Hong Kong, or Malaysia.

Here's a breakdown of process agent services in these countries:


Companies in Singapore require a process agent to comply with regulations. The agent accepts service of legal documents, such as lawsuits or summons, on your behalf.

Hong Kong

Similar to Singapore, having a process agent in Hong Kong is necessary for foreign companies. They'll receive legal documents and ensure they reach you promptly.


While not mandatory in all cases, appointing a process agent in Malaysia can be beneficial for foreign businesses. It streamlines the receipt of legal documents and keeps you informed.

Bestar as a Process Agent

Bestar offers process agent services across all three countries. We can be a one-stop shop for your needs in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

If you'd like to explore our services further, you can search for "Bestar Singapore process agent".

  1. Web Search: You can search for "Bestar Singapore process agent" on your preferred web browser. This should lead you directly to the relevant page on our website that details our process agent services.

  2. Bestar Website: Visit and navigate to the "Country" section. Within that section, you should find a subsection dedicated to "Process Agent" services.

Here's some additional information you might find helpful:

  • Bestar's website offers details on the scope of our process agent services, including the types of documents we receive and our notification methods (e.g., email, courier).

  • We also have information on pricing and any additional services included with our process agent package.

Feel free to ask if you have any further questions about process agent services or Bestar in general.



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