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Setting Up Foreign Law Practice in Singapore

Setting Up Foreign Law Practice in Singapore

Singapore offers a few options for foreign law practices to establish a presence in the country. Here's a breakdown of the main routes:

Foreign Law Practice (FLP):

  • Allows providing legal services in your area of expertise (foreign law).

  • Limited Singapore law practice: only for international commercial arbitration or with the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC) through specific registered lawyers.

  • Requires a license from the Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA).

Qualifying Foreign Law Practice (QFLP):

  • More extensive permissions than a standard FLP.

  • Permits offering both foreign and Singapore law services in specific "permitted areas" through qualified lawyers.

  • Requires a QFLP license from LSRA which involves stricter criteria.

Additional Considerations:

  • Foreign Lawyers Registration: Lawyers from your jurisdiction can register with the LSRA to practice foreign law in Singapore (without taking exams).

  • Joint Law Ventures (JLV) or Formal Law Alliances (FLA): Allow collaboration with Singaporean law firms under specific regulations.


To delve deeper, refer to the Ministry of Law's website on "Apply for a Licence or Registration for a New Law Practice Entity": Ministry of Law Singapore Law Practice Entities and Lawyers Licensing or Registration of a New Law Practice Entity

This website also details the "Types of Licence or Registration" to help you choose the most suitable option: Ministry of Law Singapore Law Practice Entities and Lawyers Types of Licence or Registration

How Bestar can Help

Bestar can assist you with various aspects of setting up your foreign law practice in Singapore, especially in the following areas:

  • Entity Selection and Registration: Bestar can help you navigate the legalities of choosing the most suitable structure for your practice (FLP, Representative Office etc.) and guide you through the application process with the relevant authorities like LSRA or ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority).

  • Regulatory Compliance:  Understanding Singapore's legal landscape for foreign law practices can be complex. Bestar can help ensure your practice adheres to all licensing requirements and regulations set by the LSRA.

  • Workforce Management: Setting up payroll, obtaining employment passes for foreign lawyers, and navigating work visa processes can be time-consuming. Bestar can assist with these administrative tasks.

  • Local Knowledge and Connections:  Bestar's experience in Singapore's corporate environment can prove valuable. We can connect you with relevant professionals and resources to streamline your practice setup.

By leveraging Bestar's expertise in company formation and regulatory compliance, you can free up your time and resources to focus on launching your foreign law practice in Singapore.


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