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So, You Want to be a Director / Board and Director Fundaments

Target Audience

Aspiring and new directors, senior management working with boards and governance professional


2 An overview of the regulatory environment and the corporate governance landscape in Singapore

3 Critical elements of financial and other disclosures needed

4. Key components of effective board leadership

5. Balance between performance and compliance

1. Introduction

Ideal for aspiring directors, this introductory [course] seeks to provide an appreciation of what it means to be a director of a commercial company

2. The directorship landscape and regulatory environment

An overview of the directorship landscape in Singapore

a macro view of the directorship landscape in Singapore

Legislation affecting all companies

3. Director duties, responsibilities and liabilities / Director duties and responsibilities / Liabilities

The duties, responsibilities and risks of being a director

Range of duties, responsibilities and risks of directorship

Statutory and fiduciary duties and responsibilities of directors

4. Rewards

The rewards of of being a director

Rewards of directorship

5. Due diligence

The key considerations for accepting a directorship

Equip with knowledge to make informed decisions before joining a board

6. The directorship journey

What makes an effective board,Board%20are%20diversity%20and%20independence.


For those who want to know more about directorships in nonprofit organisations, Bestar also offers the course, So, You Want to be a Nonprofit Director".


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