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HK wants more Malaysian talent as it seeks to diversify workforce

HK wants more Malaysian talent as it seeks to diversify workforce

Hong Kong is looking to attract more skilled workers from Malaysia to boost their workforce. They see Malaysia as a promising source of talent for a few reasons:

  • Multilingualism: Many Malaysians speak English fluently, and some also speak Cantonese, the local language of Hong Kong. This would make it easier for them to integrate into the community and work environment.

  • Strong talent pool: Malaysia has a well-educated population with expertise in various fields.

  • Southeast Asian connection: Malaysian workers could help bridge the gap between Hong Kong and the Southeast Asian market.

This is part of a larger effort by Hong Kong to diversify its workforce, which has traditionally relied heavily on mainland China. The Hong Kong government is offering streamlined visa processes to attract talent from Malaysia and other Southeast Asian nations, as well as Europe.

Streamlined visa processes

Hong Kong is making an effort to attract talent from various regions including Southeast Asia by streamlining their visa processes.  While the specifics may vary depending on your situation, here are some general pointers:

  • The Immigration Department (ImmD) of Hong Kong has a website with information on all types of visas and entry permits [Hong Kong Immigration Department website on visas]. They also have a useful guid

  • e on working visas [Guide to Hong Kong Immigration and Work Visas].

  • The process is generally considered to be more streamlined than in the past. This means less paperwork and a faster processing time.

  • In the case of study visas, for instance, the processing time is typically around six weeks after all the required documents are submitted [Students | Immigration Department].

How Bestar can Help

HK wants more Malaysian talent as it seeks to diversify workforce

Bestar specializes in Hong Kong work visas. WE can be a valuable asset in your journey to working there. Here's how WE can help:

Expertise and Guidance:

  • Understanding Requirements: Bestar stays updated on the latest Hong Kong work visa regulations and can advise you on which visa type best suits your situation (e.g., General Employment Policy, Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals).

  • Application Process Navigation: We can guide you through the entire application process, including:

  • Collecting necessary documents: We'll ensure you have all the required documentation in the correct format and meet the Immigration Department's (ImmD) specifications.

  • Form completion: We can assist in completing the application forms accurately and efficiently to avoid delays.

  • Meeting deadlines: We can keep you on track and ensure timely submissions.

Increased Success Rate:

  • Experience and Strategies:  Bestar has experience dealing with various visa situations and can develop strategies to improve your application's chances of success.

  • Avoiding Errors:  Our knowledge of the process can help you avoid common mistakes that might lead to application rejection.

Additional Support:

  • Communication with ImmD: If necessary, we can communicate with the ImmD on your behalf to clarify any issues or follow up on your application status.

Overall, Bestar can streamline the process, reduce stress, and increase your chances of obtaining a successful Hong Kong work visa.

By leveraging the expertise of Bestar, you can navigate the Hong Kong work visa process with more confidence and potentially secure your dream job in this dynamic city.


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