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Procedure for Conducting Annual General Meeting

Updated: 4 days ago

Procedure for Conducting Annual General Meeting

The procedures for conducting an Annual General Meeting (AGM) can vary slightly between Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, but they all share some common elements. Here's a general overview:

General Requirements:

  • Meeting Attendance: All companies in these jurisdictions are required to hold AGMs with shareholders (members) in attendance.

  • Meeting Frequency: AGMs must be held within a specific timeframe after the company's financial year-end. This is typically:

    • Singapore: Within 4 months for listed companies, 6 months for others (after FYE)

    • Hong Kong: Within 6 months (after FYE)

    • Malaysia: Within 14 months of the preceding AGM

  • Notice of Meeting: A notice containing details about the AGM (date, time, venue, agenda) must be sent to shareholders well in advance,  usually 14-21 days before the meeting.

  • Meeting Agenda: The agenda typically includes:

    • Presentation and approval of financial statements

    • Appointment/re-election of directors and auditors

    • Declaration of dividends (if applicable)

    • Voting on resolutions

Local Variations:

  • Hong Kong: The Companies Ordinance regulates AGMs in Hong Kong. Proxy voting is more commonly used compared to Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Malaysia:  Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) oversees AGM regulations. Depending on the company's constitution, electronic participation in AGMs might be allowed.

Additional Resources:

For specific details and regulations, it's recommended to consult the official resources of each jurisdiction's company registration authority:

How Bestar can Help

Bestar can be invaluable in ensuring a smooth and compliant Annual General Meeting (AGM). Here's how we can help:

Pre-Meeting Support:

  • Understanding Requirements: We'll ensure you comply with the relevant regulations for AGMs in your jurisdiction (Singapore, Hong Kong, or Malaysia). This includes deadlines, notice content, and proxy voting rules.

  • Meeting Preparation: We'll help prepare the AGM agenda, draft the notice to shareholders, and handle any logistical arrangements like venue booking.

  • Shareholder Communication: We'll assist with sending out the Notice of AGM and managing communication with shareholders regarding registration, voting procedures, and access to meeting materials.

  • Proxy Management: We'll establish a system for collecting and managing proxy votes from shareholders who can't attend the AGM.

During the Meeting:

  • Meeting Conduct: We'll ensure the AGM adheres to the company's constitution and relevant regulations. This includes overseeing voting procedures and handling any procedural questions.

  • Minutes Taking: We'll record accurate minutes of the AGM, capturing discussions, decisions, and voting results.

  • Resolution Implementation:  We'll work with the company to implement any resolutions passed at the AGM.

Post-Meeting Support:

  • Filing and Records: We'll ensure proper filing of AGM minutes and other documents with the relevant authorities (ACRA in Singapore, Companies Registry in Hong Kong, or CCM in Malaysia).

  • Follow-up Communication: We'll handle communication with shareholders regarding any post-AGM actions or information.

Additional Benefits:

  • Expertise: Bestar has in-depth knowledge of corporate governance and AGM procedures, minimizing the risk of errors or non-compliance.

  • Objectivity: We can act as a neutral party during the AGM, ensuring fair and orderly proceedings.

  • Efficiency: Our experience can make the AGM process more efficient and avoid potential delays or confusion.

Overall, Bestar can take a significant burden off your shoulders and ensure your AGM is conducted legally and effectively.


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