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Setting Up an Airbnb Business in Japan

Updated: Mar 3

Setting Up an Airbnb Business in Japan | Bestar
Setting Up an Airbnb Business in Japan | Bestar

Setting Up an Airbnb Business in Japan

Setting up an Airbnb business in Japan can be a great opportunity, but it requires careful planning and consideration, especially for foreigners. Here's a breakdown of the key steps involved:


  • Airbnb is legal in Japan: However, you need to comply with the Private Lodging Business Act and register your property as a "minpaku." This involves obtaining a license and displaying the number on your listing.

  • Local regulations: Be aware of additional requirements depending on your specific location. Check with your local city hall for details.


  • Registration: As mentioned above, register your property and obtain a license. This process might differ for foreigners, so consider seeking help from agencies or consultants.

  • Documentation: Prepare a copy of your passport (or permanent residency card) and other necessary documents as required by local regulations.

  • Taxes: You'll need to declare and pay income tax on your Airbnb earnings.

Additional considerations:

  • Language barrier: If you don't speak Japanese, consider partnering with someone who does to navigate communication with guests and authorities.

  • Management logistics: Decide if you'll manage the property yourself or hire a property management company.

  • Guest expectations: Familiarize yourself with Japanese cultural norms and guest expectations to ensure a positive experience.

  • Competition: Research the local Airbnb market and competition to price your listing competitively.


Remember, this is just a starting point. It's highly recommended to consult with legal and tax professionals for specific guidance related to your situation. They can help you ensure compliance with all regulations and maximize your business success.

If you have any further questions or want to discuss specific aspects of your Airbnb business plan, feel free to ask!

Setting Up an Airbnb Business in Japan


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