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Travel Agent Licence Singapore

Travel Agent Licence Singapore | Bestar
Travel Agent Licence Singapore | Bestar

Travel Agent Licence Singapore

In Singapore, a travel agent license is required by any business that wants to arrange travel for clients. This includes selling airline tickets, booking hotel rooms, and organizing tours. The licensing process is overseen by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

Here are the requirements to obtain a travel agent license in Singapore:

Business Registration and Finances:

  • Register your business: You need to register your travel agency with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

  • Minimum paid-up capital: You must have a minimum of S$50,000 for a Niche License or S$100,000 for a General License.

Key Executive:

  • Appointment:  Nominate a Key Executive responsible for daily operations.

  • Citizenship/Residency: The Key Executive must be a Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident, or hold a valid Employment Pass (minimum one year validity).

Business Operations:

  • Dedicated email address: Set up a professional email address specifically for your travel agency.

  • Physical office space:  You'll need a physical office address for your business.

Application Process:

  • Online application: Submit your application through the Travel Agents and Tourist Guides Licensing System (TRUST) online platform.

Niche License

A Niche Licence is a type of travel agent license in Singapore that is ideal for businesses that plan to sell, arrange, or advertise tours only within Singapore, without including accommodation in their packages. This means you can organize day tours, cultural immersion experiences, or curated itineraries that focus on activities and attractions within Singapore.

Obtaining a Niche License is generally less costly and has simpler requirements compared to a General Travel Agent Licence. Here’s a quick rundown of the key points to remember about a Niche Travel Agent Licence in Singapore:

  • Minimum Paid-Up Capital: S$50,000 (registered company)

  • License Issuer: Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

  • Scope of Activities: Selling, arranging, or advertising tours within Singapore, without accommodation

Examples of tours you can offer with a Niche Licence include:

  • Sit-in coach tours with historical or cultural themes

  • Hawker centre tours exploring Singapore’s diverse cuisine

  • Adventure tours like kayaking or cycling expeditions

  • Behind-the-scenes tours of unique locations

If you plan on including overnight stays or any form of accommodation in your tour packages, you will need to apply for a General Travel Agent Licence instead.

General License

A General Travel Agent Licence in Singapore allows you for a wider range of travel-related activities compared to a Niche Licence. With a General Licence, you can:

  • Sell, arrange, and advertise tours both within Singapore and overseas

  • Include accommodation (hotels, resorts, etc.) in your tour packages

  • Offer flight ticketing and travel insurance services

  • Basically, conduct any business activity related to travel arrangements

This makes a General Licence ideal for travel agencies offering a full spectrum of travel services, creating customized itineraries, or specializing in specific destinations.

Here's a comparison to help you decide:


Niche Licence

General Licence

Minimum Paid-Up Capital



Scope of Activities

Tours within Singapore (no accommodation)

Tours worldwide (including accommodation), flight ticketing, travel insurance, etc.

Requirements for a General Licence:

  • Register your business with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

  • Have a minimum paid-up capital of S$100,000 and maintain a net value of the same amount.

  • Appoint a Key Executive who meets the qualifications set by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

  • Submit a completed application through the Travel Agents and Tourist Guides Licensing System (TRUST) along with required documents and fees.

Overall, a General Licence offers more flexibility but requires a higher financial commitment and fulfills stricter requirements.

Necessary Documents

While the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) doesn't explicitly list every document required for a travel agent license application, they do mention needing proof to support various aspects of your business. Here's what you'll likely need:

Business Registration:

  • ACRA Business Registration Documents: Proof of registration with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).


  • Financial Statements: For businesses operating over 18 months, the latest set of audited accounts (Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement).

Key Executive:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV):  The Key Executive's resume or CV outlining their experience and qualifications.

  • Proof of Identity: Documents like passport or Singapore ID card for the Key Executive.

  • Employment Pass (if applicable):  A copy of the valid Employment Pass if the Key Executive is a foreigner.

Business Operations:

  • Office Lease Agreement:  A copy of the tenancy agreement for your business premises (minimum one-year lease).

  • (Alternatively) Proof of Ownership: Documents showing ownership of the premises if you own the office space.

Additional Documents (may be requested by STB):

  • Police Clearance:  For the Key Executive or other relevant personnel (at STB's discretion).

  • Credit Background Check:  For the Key Executive or business (at STB's discretion).

  • Letters of Good Conduct:  From relevant government agencies for the business or Key Executive (at STB's discretion).

This is not an exhaustive list, and the STB may request additional documents during the application process.

Processing Time

  • The application process typically takes one to two weeks to complete, provided all the necessary documents are submitted. 


  • Application fee: There is a S$200 application fee.

  • License fee: Upon approval, pay a license fee of S$400.

Additional Information:

  • You can find more details and a user guide on the Singapore Tourism Board website [Singapore Tourism Board Travel Agent Licence].

  • For more information on the application process and full requirements, you can refer to the Singapore Tourism Board's website on Travel Agent Licences: [Singapore Travel Agent Licence ON Singapore Tourism Board (]

How Bestar can Help

Here are some ways Bestar is able to help you:

  • General Guidance: Bestar offers general advice and information on the travel agent licensing process in Singapore.

  • Document Assistance:  We assist with gathering and preparing required documents like application forms, proof of business registration, and financial statements.

  • License Application Support:  We could help you navigate the online application system (TRUST) and ensure all necessary information is filled out correctly.

  • Liaison with STB:  In some cases, Bestar might act as a liaison between you and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) for any questions or clarifications needed during the application process.

Contact Bestar to confirm our specific services. Our website details our service offerings related to travel agent licenses. 

By contacting Bestar, you'll get a clearer picture of how we can assist you in obtaining your travel agent license in Singapore.


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