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Work Passes Singapore

Updated: Jun 12

Work Passes Singapore

There are several different work passes available in Singapore, depending on your qualifications and experience. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Employment Pass (EP): This is the most common type of work pass for foreign professionals. To qualify, you'll need a minimum monthly salary of S$5,000 (S$5,500 for the financial sector), and you'll also need to pass the Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS). This framework assesses your qualifications, experience, and salary to ensure that you are a good fit for the job and the Singaporean workforce.

  • S Pass: This pass is for mid-skilled workers earning at least S$2,300 per month. There are foreign worker quotas and levies that apply to S Pass holders.

  • Work Permit: This is for foreign workers from certain countries who will be working in specific sectors, such as construction, manufacturing, or marine shipyard. There are also foreign worker quotas and levies that apply to work permit holders.

  • EntrePass: This pass is for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Singapore. There is no minimum salary requirement for the EntrePass, but you will need to have a viable business plan and a good track record in business.

  • Personalized Employment Pass (PEP): This is a unique pass for high-earning foreigners or current Employment Pass holders. It offers more flexibility than other work passes, and there is no requirement to have a job offer or employer to sponsor the application. However, the PEP is only issued once for each applicant and is valid for three years, and it is not renewable.

  • ONE Pass: This is a new pass introduced in 2023 for top talent in business, arts and culture, academia and research, and sports. It allows them to start, run or work for multiple companies in Singapore. To qualify, applicants must earn at least S$30,000 a month or have outstanding achievements in their field.

The best work pass for you will depend on your individual circumstances. If you are unsure which pass is right for you, you can contact the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for more information.


How Bestar can Help

While Bestar's expertise is Employment Pass (EP) assistance, our services extend to other work passes in Singapore. Here's why:

  • Broader Business Focus: Bestar offers a variety of services beyond just Employment Passes, including company registration, accounting, and payroll. Since work passes are often tied to employment, we can assist with various work pass applications that align with their other services.

  • Singapore Work Pass Landscape: Bestar offers several work passes catering to different skillsets and professions, not limited solely to EPs.

Here's what Bestar can help with regarding work passes in Singapore:

  • Employment Pass (EP):  This is our expertise here. We can guide companies through the EP application process, handle COMPASS assessment requirements, and liaise with MOM.

  • Other Work Passes: Bestar is able to assist with other work passes like S Passes or EntrePasses, especially for companies we already handle accounting or payroll for.

  • General Work Pass Guidance:  Given our business around corporate services in Singapore, we can provide general advice on the different work pass options and which might be suitable based on a company's needs.

To confirm the exact extent of our work pass services, contact Bestar. We can provide specific details on our offerings and how we can tailor our services to your particular work pass requirements in Singapore.


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